Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Yank and All Her Needs

So, I feel like I eat a lot. Like a lot a lot, and I think it's ok because I'm working so much, but I feel like I am going to eat Nat (who I live with) out of house and home. So I buy a lot of groceries. There are a few things that we as Americans eat that isn't so popular over here in OZ. First, cold cereal, probably one of the biggest staples in the American diet, plus I'm a college student, it's what we eat. I miss the who aisles dedicated to cold cereal that hold everything from the super sugar choco-loco bombs, to the healthy bird sead that people like Kendall eats. Anyways, I miss my Lucky Charms/Marshmallow Mateys and bliss in a bowel Cinnamon Toast Cruch, and how can I live with out Life cereal? Not too sugary, not too cardboardy. Here at Woolworths the local grocery store we like to call Woolies, it has Rice Crispies aka Rice Bubbles, corn flakes, Milo Cereal that is pretty good, and heathy never know how it's going to taste cereal. Not a lot of choice.

I've made a list in my journal of food that I am going to bring back from the states when I come and visit it includes cereal, marshmallows, ketchup, and ranch dressing. Who knows if the will let all the come through customs, but I'm American and I need American food every now and again.

Moving on, some of the people that I've met here call me a Yankee or Yank. What the? Who does that? It's the weirdest thing to be called a Yankee, but I've started to say, 'Sorry, I'm a Red Sox fan'. That puts a confused look on some and others who know what I'm talking about pipe in something about the Dodgers or something. ya... no.

I need ideas for some easy dinner meals, possibly good for summer time or even salads.


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Kelsey said...

Yay! I'm glad you made a post. Wish I could send you some yummy condaments. We miss you